Desperate Coder: Reward for anyone helping me with PHP / OpenPGP RSA implementation

I am a coder and I am currently coding my own website for practice purpose.

I’ve learnt PHP, css, html, sql and xml… but now I’m seriously bugging on the implementation of a basic thing.

I want to be able to generate a crypted message with a specific PGP Public Key and be able to display this crypted message on my website let’s say.

You believe it or not… it’s the third night in a raw I’m spending to try dozens of codes and methos that don’t work.

I tried the openSSH / Crypt RSA method but everytime I have errors with constant class not found or decryption problem.

The further I could go so far was to encrypt / decrypt a message using Symetric method and NO RSA encryption ( or the so called AOEP, I’,m not sure )

Since time is money and I’m not willing to spend more time on this dumb problem that nobody is taking time to explain FROM SCRATCH, I am willing to give a reward for anyone helping me step by step.

I hope I have been clear.

I am more confused that two days ago right now since I tried almost all possible method : gnpu ( didnt know how to use PEARL to install it on my apache server ) / the openSS method… the Crypt RSA one…

Nothing works !