Desktop github failure

Installed Github Desktop on a new Window 10 Pro 64-bit system. When I run the program, a blank window shows up on my screen and does nothing. I uninstall the program, downloaded another copy, and installed that 2nd copy. Still having the same results when running Github Desktop. What am I missing?


Can you please upload a screenshot of the blank windows screen?

Thank you, Logan.

Thanks for the screenshot @marmon-rrd. Usually resetting GitHub Desktop will resolve this. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Close GitHub Desktop (you may need to use the Task Manger if you are unable to close the application directly)
  2. Remove all of the files in %APPDATA%\GitHub Desktop\
  3. Restart GitHub Desktop

We were hoping this would be resolved in v2.6.1 (see GitHub Desktop launches with white screen and unresponsive · Issue #4054 · desktop/desktop · GitHub) – can you share the version of GitHub Desktop you are currently running on your machine?

Hello Steve,

I’m using version 2.6.1 of Github Desktop. Following your instructions, I was able to open Github. I had to delete the repository online and then put my files up to Github. Hurray!

Thank you for this!