Deployment workflow no longer associated with pull-request

I have been playing with Github Actions. I have a pull_requestworkflow like:

  1. Run some unit tests

  2. Create Deployment (via Deployments API)

This then triggers a deployment workflow as follows:

  1. Deploy the app

  2. Run integration tests against the deployed app

  3. Mark deployment status as ‘success’ or ‘error’ (based on previous step)

This used to show 2 ‘Checks’ on the Pull Request: ‘Test’ and ‘Deploy’. Now I’m only seeing the ‘Test’ check. The ‘Deploy’ workflow is still run, but it doesn’t seem to be associated with the Pull Request any more.

This means that if the ‘Deploy’ workflow fails I’m wrongly seeing a green tick on the PR even though it’s not safe to merge. Previously this caused a red cross. 

I’m unsure what’s changed here. Can anyone suggest how I can acheive my desired behaviour?

Hi, I’m also interested in this. Did you find a solution?