Deploying Your First Kubernetes Cluster

Using Kubernetes can offer your application improved scaling and resiliency, but it can be tough to get started. In this free session, Dave Nugent will walk through how to architect and deploy a machine learning application to a Kubernetes cluster.

Kubernetes for Scaling and Resiliency

How do you deploy applications on top of Kubernetes to allow for scaling and resiliency? Join our workshop and learn how.

:mortar_board: What will you learn?

  • How do I scalably architect my ML-based application?
  • What is Red Hat OpenShift and how does it compare to Kubernetes?
  • How do I deploy a Red Hat OpenShift/Kubernetes cluster?
  • We’ll conclude with an interactive lab where you’ll be able to deploy your own k8s/RHOS cluster and build your own visualization based on our GitHub repo.

:woman_technologist: Who should attend?

ML developers, software architects, DevOps professionals and anyone who wants to know more about Kubernetes or Red Hat OpenShift.