Deploying/ pushing to bitbucket repo

For idiosyncratic reasons, I am building a certain website in github actions and deploying it to a bitbucket repository. Alas, so far I’ve failed.

For example, see this workflow file and this run, where I fail with Permission denied (publickey) . i’m 100% sure that the private key I’ve added as a repository secret matches the public key I’ve set at bitbucket.

Any tips? (I’ve seen what was proposed a year ago at Push from action to different remote repo )

It’s hard to debug an SSH connection without seeing the details, unfortunately. :sweat_smile:

One thing to try would be a simple SSH connection (without Git) with debug output enabled, to see if the authentication works and if not get some debug information:

ssh -vT

Thanks for the tip!

ssh -vT was failing with Permission denied (publickey)., but succeeding on my desktop. I could not figure out why (recopying the private RSA key to the repository secret did not work).

Ultimately I switched to using a token - that thankfully worked.

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