Deploying Dacpac to Azure SQL server

I am trying to deploy a dacpac file to my azure sql server using GitHub actions. I am using the following code in my workflow file for deployment :

  • name: Azure SQL Deploy
    uses: Azure/sql-action@v1
    server-name: <my_server_name>
    connection-string: <my_connection_string>
    dacpac-package: <my_package_path>

This is working fine when I’m using a windows runner but for a Linux runner I’m getting an error that says this action is not supported on a non-windows environment. How can I implement this on a Linux environment? Thanks for the answers.

Hi @sabu-jr, welcome to the GitHub Support Community! It looks like there’s already an issue open for this feature request on the Azure/sql-action repository so I’d recommend following this issue for updates or workarounds/recommendations on using this action on Linux.