Deploy, unauthorized error

Hi everyone,

I’m currently trying to pull the images from Github to my staging environment. Unfortunately I’m receiving the ‘‘unauthorized’’ error (screenshot is attach bellow).

The docker-compose.yml file and the file are configured properly.


I can see that the shell reports an error in the script (maybe the script is running with a POSIX shell but expects Bash extensions?), so something isn’t configured correctly there.

Without knowing the script I can’t say if that’s what causes the problems, but that could be good starting point for investigation. Other than that we’d need details on authentication: Are the images supposed to be public? If not, how did you set up the authentication?

Tell me what extra info I can provide to you please :slight_smile: ! It used to work few days ago btw

Tried to run the script with bash and now I get the no authent credentials and I don’t know what it refers to exactly

Now I used the docker.pgk.github login and triend again with bash. Still unauthorized


I notice you run the script as root. If you ran docker login as your regular user a Docker command running as root isn’t going to find them. If possible run the script as a regular user, if it needs root access run docker login with sudo, too (and docker logout after).