Deploy to specific directory in gh-pages.


Is there an option to deploy the dist folder to a spesific folder in the gh-pages repository.

For example, I have 3 repositories of source code, and one repository for gh-pages.

I want that every repository will deploy its artifacts in its spesific directory in gh-pages repository.

that gh-pages repository will look like -

    gh-pages repository

        - repo1

           - index.html

        - repo2

           - index.html

        - repo3

           - index.html

Is there any way to achive it?


Hi @tamiradler ,

Please try to add the following steps on the deploy job for each source code repository:

  • Clone the GitHub repository to a specific folder in the work directory of the deploy job.
  • Copy the artifacts of current source code repository into the specific folder for the artifacts in the GitHub repository directory.
  • Push the GitHub repository to the remote.

You can use a scripts step to execute these 3 steps.