Dependent not listed in Dependency graph


I’m having the same issue with the dependency graph as the one described in this help thread:
One of my repositories (phseiff/github-flavored-markdown-to-html) has a dependent (theendlessriver13/gh-md-to-moodle). This dependent also lists my repository in its dependencies in the dependency graph, but my project does not list it in its dependents for some reason.

So A lists B as a dependency in GitHub’s dependency graph, but B doesn’t list A as a dependent in the dependency graph, which definitely differs from GitHub’s intended behavior.
So just to be clear, this is an issue about the dependency graph not behaving as expected, and NOT about these specific projects (which I know would be off-topic).

Would it be possible to provide manual assistance in this issue, like you did for this issue?

Thanks in advance!

Hi :wave:

Happy to investigate this. It is likely that your package is not associated with the correct repository.
Is this your package? markdown-to-html · PyPI

If not, could you please point me to the pypi page link?

Hi @phseiff ,

It looks like we needed to redo the assignment of this package to your repository.

Your dependents are currently showing

Is this your package? markdown-to-html · PyPI

It’s gh-md-to-html, actually :sweat_smile:

But it works now, so I assume you found the right one?

Thank you very much for solving this! :smiley:

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Yep, I landed on that other one first but went back and found the right package associated with your repo. Thanks for your patience here.

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