Dependency Graph /Vulnerability alert breaks after change from requirements.txt to Pipfile.lock

The Dependency Graph /Vulnerability alert features are really useful and allow to see issues in the dependencies of our repo which contains Python and JS.

Nevertheless, after switching our main python requirements from pip based requirements.txt to pipenv based Pipfile.lock, the security alerts and dependency graph remain frozen on our old system and do not reflect the upgrade of libraries made in the Pipfile.lock

Could it be possible to reinit the data?

Thank you

@remi-debette - Hi there, and thanks for raising this here! We’re really sorry about the delay here. I’m wondering if you’re still experiencing this since you posted? If so, could you share an example of this in the form of a public repository? That would help us investigate before escalating this to our engineering team for further review!

I am experiencing something similar. I used to have a package.json in my repository, that has since been removed, but the file is still referenced in the Dependency graph: Dependencies · 153957/153957 · GitHub

The link to the file goes to a 404 page: