Dependency Graph showing dependencies but not dependents


So in one of my project the dependencies are working properly

But the dependents tab is empty

(The project being on NuGet I know that some people already downloaded it and I myself have another project that use it.)

Further more, the dependents tab is working for another one of my project, both of them are made with the same language (C#)

I was wondering if one of you had any idea of why this was happening and how I could solve it,

Thanks in advance,

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HI @xwilarg,

Thanks for being here. Which repository should the package be linked to? Drop the link and I’ll take a look, please.

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Thanks for your answer,

The repository is I’m having issues with is

And here’s a repository who use it: 

Thanks for the follow up. I’ve run a job to redetect the manifests of that repository, and it looks like the network dependents list has been updated. Do things look as expected for you now?

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Thanks a lot for your help, looks like everything is working perfectly now!

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Same problem on repository . Would you fix it for me. Thanks