Dependency Graph not showing any dependents when there should be

My repo is only showing dependencies and not dependents. Another repo shows in their dependency referencing my repo but it is not showing up as a dependent on mine.

Here is my repo expecting dependents Network Dependents · cwendt94/espn-api · GitHub.

Here is a repo referencing my package and shows in their dependency graph Dependencies · dtcarls/fantasy_football_chat_bot · GitHub

I also want same Graph for my site result history how it go up or down etc.
I have a site in which teer result game got updated daily.

I also maintain history of each result. I want to show in graph.

Hi @cwendt94 :wave:

Can you link me to where your project is showing in the PIP package registry?

Nevermind my last message. It looks like we needed to redetect the assignment to your repository. You should see the dependents now.

Thank you @ernest-phillips, that worked!

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