Dependency graph manifest files limit

Hello, @nethgato , if possible, I also need limit increase for one of my org private repos. PLease DM me, if that’s how it works =)
Thanks in advance!

Hey @nethgato ,

it would be very appreciated if you could increase the limit for GirCore, too:

Thank you very much in advance :slight_smile: .

Hey all! Sorry for the delay here. I was on a bit of holiday but back and will process these momentarily.

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All right…

@badcel – you should see that limit increased now!

@hwsoderlund , @sarod , @klas-genestack – I’ve DM’d each of you, with requests to identify the repository you want the manifest file limit increase for.

Just get back to me in DM and I’ll get those sorted.


Hi @nethgato,

Would you be able to raise the limit for OpenLiberty/open-liberty repo?

Or perhaps there is (or you could provide) a way to specify which file(s) the dependency graph should consume? We could then generate a single pom.xml that contained all the dependencies we’d like scanned and tracked, and github would not need to scan the entire repo for them.


Hey @mbroz2 :wave:

I went ahead and increased the manifest file limit for OpenLiberty/open-liberty!

I don’t believe there is a way to distinguish between which files get verified or not. If they are in the repo, they get checked for the dependency graph.

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Hey @nethgato, just wondering if there was any chance you may be able to increase the limit on one of our private repos. Thanks in advance!

Hey @trevrich :wave:

I sent you a DM but wanting to @ mention because I’ve had a couple users mention that DMs have gone to spam in the past.

Will get that sorted for you once I hear back in DM. :bow:

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Hi, I am hitting the same issue with a private repo. It would be amazing if you could send me a dm so I can increase the limit please :pray:

No worries @amy-brainlabs! Stand by :bow:

@nethgato I’m experiencing secondary rate limit violations on iOS in the GitHub app. It looks like this is only happening on my repository others seem to be fine. Can this be related to the change of the dependency graph?

The issue is here: Github Mobile app on iOS: secondary rate limits violated - #2 by badcel

@nethgato Could you also get in touch with me to increase the limit for a private repo? Thanks!

@nethgato Can you increase the manifest limit for a private repo for me? I couldn’t figure out how to send you a PM with the link to the repo.

Hey there @koffeinfrei :wave:

Sorry I didn’t catch this sooner, but I’ve sent you a PM.

And similarly @jjherman – only Staff can initiate a PM and I’ve sent you a message.

Once I hear back, I’ll get those requests sorted.