Dependency graph manifest files limit


I’ve activated dependabot alerts and security updates which also required the dependency graph option to be enabled. However, when I navigate to the dependency graph to inspect the dependencies I get the following message: “You have reached the maximum number of allowed manifest files (20) for this repository.”. Because of this limit, it seems that some of my manifest files are not scanned for security updates.

Is there any way to increase this limit? Or can you choose which manifest files to include somehow?


Hey @ferdizz :wave:

Indeed, there is a way to increase the limit! This is a one-off, limited request that we can assist with. I kindly request that anyone else viewing this thread to be respectful with any future increase requests.

Though @ferdizz – I do need to know which repository needs this increased limit. Are you comfortable posting publicly, which repository this is for? If it’s for a private repository, perhaps we can take this to a private 1:1 ticket instead.

Thanks! :bow:

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I would be interested as well, @nethgato, if I am eligible.

This is my repository:

Thanks in advance.

Hi @gimlichael thank you for your request!

I’ve gone ahead and increased the limit for that repository.

As a double reminder for anyone viewing this thread, this is not a standard request that we should be fulfilling with any kind of abandon.

Please be respectful when considering making this request and let us know which repository is facing this problem and could benefit by an increase.

Thank you! :bow:

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Hi @nethgato,

We have the same issue with
Would greatly appreciate a limit increase.

Thank you!

Hey @bogdan-litescu :wave:

I’ve gone ahead and taken care of this for you.

Take care, and be well!

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@nethgato seems I’m experiencing this issue as well on a repository with multiple projects, how can I contact you in private?

Hey @alon-za :wave:

I was on holiday for a couple weeks but am back online! Hope that you’ve kept well in the meantime.

Thanks so much for your patience. I’m going to message you privately here in just a moment.

Hi @nethgato,

I would like to request an increase on that limit for one of my org’s repos as well (it’s a monorepo with multiple services, hence the need for more than 20 manifest files). How do I contact you privately for us to discuss this?


Hi @cobrabr o/

Sorry for the delay, here! Sending you a DM in just a second.

How does this work for GHES ? I am on v2.22.5 and seeing this error - “You have reached the maximum number of allowed manifest files (20) for this repository.”

Hey @niajthat GHES is a managed platform, so you or one of your admins for your GHES instance will need to increase this limit. In order to get support for how to do this, you’ll want to open a support ticket directly with our Enterprise Support team.

Hello @nethgato , we have similar issue on our monorepo. Can we please discuss this issue over DMs?

Following up here @JakubPetriska – I got your repository’s manifest limit increased. :bow:

Hi @nethgato !
I would like to request an increase of maximum of manifest files for one of private repositories of my organization. Please PM me if that is something you can assist me with.

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Hey @DanielsZoids :wave:


Edit: updating my post to mention that @DanielsZoids’s request has been sorted!

Hi @nethgato - is it possible to get this limit lifted for our newly imported monorepo?

Hi there @pauska :wave:

Is the repository public or private? If private, I can take this to DMs.

Wow, that was a quick response! :slight_smile: It’s a private repo, in a newly created enterprise subscription. So maybe DM is best.

Thanks for letting us know, @pauska – if it’s Enterprise Server, then your admin will have to make the adjustment themselves. If it’s Enterprise Cloud, then we should get an Enterprise Support Engineer to assist:

Though I suppose if your admin needs any assistance with making the action, the Enterprise Support team will still be your best bet.

For those with non-Enterprise accounts, I’m still here to help!