Dependency graph manifest files limit


I’ve activated dependabot alerts and security updates which also required the dependency graph option to be enabled. However, when I navigate to the dependency graph to inspect the dependencies I get the following message: “You have reached the maximum number of allowed manifest files (20) for this repository.”. Because of this limit, it seems that some of my manifest files are not scanned for security updates.

Is there any way to increase this limit? Or can you choose which manifest files to include somehow?

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Hey @ferdizz :wave:

Indeed, there is a way to increase the limit! This is a one-off, limited request that we can assist with. I kindly request that anyone else viewing this thread to be respectful with any future increase requests.

Though @ferdizz – I do need to know which repository needs this increased limit. Are you comfortable posting publicly, which repository this is for? If it’s for a private repository, perhaps we can take this to a private 1:1 ticket instead.

Thanks! :bow: