Dependabot with Reusable Workflow Versions

Does dependabot update the versions of reusable workflow references? If so, does it use release versions or tag versions of the reusable workflow?


Hi @CalebC-RW. No, Dependabot doesn’t update reusable workflow versions. That would be be cool :slight_smile:


@jenschelkopf, thank you. Is there a plan to enhance dependabot to update reusable workflow references?

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It’s something we’re thinking about, but I don’t have any details to share at this time.


It will be great to have this for reusable workflow as we currently have for usual ones.


Yeah, for sure. And thanks for the feedback.

For others who are following along, here’s how dependabot can update references to actions today (not yet supported for reusable workflow references): Keeping your actions up to date with Dependabot - GitHub Docs

jenschelkopf did this make it onto the roadmap?

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@jenschelkopf any updates on this feature?

Howdy y’all! We’re so excited that y’all are so interested in adding this feature, however we do suggest that you submit your feedback via the new GitHub Feedback Discussions forum so that our product team can better track your request :slight_smile:. It’s a new thing, but we’re trying to push all product feedback to the same new area so it’s easier to find and consolidate user feedback!

Someone has opened it in the Feedback forums. Give it a bump: dependabot support for reusable workflows · Discussion #8088 · github/feedback · GitHub