Dependabot version upgrade not working for run-vcpkg

I noticed that dependabot version upgrades doesn’t work run-vcpkg v7 to v10 upgrade, see GitHub - lukka/run-vcpkg: GitHub Action to automatically cache and run vcpkg to build C++ dependencies for your C++ based applications. Available as Azure DevOps tasks also: for the run-vcpkg action

This is used in our github CI, see ACE_TAO/windows.yml at 713b686b4039ad41033296c6b23a7ad1a62c69b8 · DOCGroup/ACE_TAO · GitHub.

The dependabot update details are at

updater | INFO <job_223993204> Checking if lukka/run-vcpkg 7 needs updating
  proxy | 2021/10/21 12:17:25 [022] GET
  proxy | 2021/10/21 12:17:25 [022] * authenticating git server request (host:
updater | INFO <job_223993204> Latest version is caea17de9196f8bd343efb496b1820e7438d1f83
updater | INFO <job_223993204> No update needed for lukka/run-vcpkg 7
  proxy | 2021/10/21 12:17:25 [022] 200