Dependabot: Update vendor at once


first I want to say thank you for providing this awesome feature! It’s such a time saver :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

As I am using symfony as application in one of my projects I get tons of PR once symfony created a new patch. While in general it’s fine to approve and merge any of those, I would find it even more helpful if I can either define that a whole vendor is updated in one PR or can create a group, say “symfony”. Then I have one PR only which is even faster tackled and CI needs to run less which also reduces the needed machine power.

Even though it’s in general a good habit to keep PR small I think in this context it’s fine because they all belong to the same Symfony version.

TYPO3 started a while ago to split their code into official packages as well and there you want to update every package at the same time either.

So I believe the option to do so would be very helpful. Of course it should be a feature that needs to be enabled and therefore is disabled by default.

Best regards