Dependabot parser treat hours as integers

I want to use time: 04:00 in my Dependabot configuration files, but I must use quoted strings like time: '04:00' or I will get an error like this: The property '#/updates/1/schedule/time' of type integer did not match the following type: string.

What parser is using dependabot? Every parser that I’ve tested parses hours as strings, but dependabot not :thinking:

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Hi @mondeja, welcome to the GitHub Support Community! Dependabot’s configuration is in YAML and 04:00 is a valid sexagesimal integer in YAML. You need to explicitly define the time variable as a string type using " or ' in order for the parser to be able to read this properly.

Oh, I haven’t noticed but it’s well defined in the YAML spec. Thank you! :+1: