Dependabot isn't doing anything

It says it’s checking, but nothing is happening!

I don’t know why it works on GitHub - icecream17/ts-python-chess but not GitHub - icecream17/tic-tac-toe-grow-for-website: version idk - as far as I can tell everything is exactly the same

Do you have any logs or screenshots or more details you can share?

When I look at the tictacgrow site, I can see where it obviously was working at some point, as you have some closed pull requests that it opened for you.

I tested it with this commit and got the following after clicking “Check for updates”: Stuff/tictactoegrow.dependabot.test.result.log.txt at a3d410d9e34031aad7e84b769f68c800fd59882a · icecream17/Stuff · GitHub