Dependabot different settings for production and development dependencies

We are working within the npm package-ecosystem but have 3 distinct types of packages that need different upgrade processes. We have a PR bot that can auto approve and merge if a PR has a special label. We want to apply labels to dependabot PRs based on different conditions to influence how PRs are treated.

Private packages from within org:

  • auto approve and merge
  • daily

Development packages (devDependencies):

  • auto approve and merge
  • weekly

Production packages (dependencies):

  • assigned to a round robin reviewer
  • 5 weekly

From what I’ve seen it’s not possible to apply labels to PRs differently based on allow rules.
It’s also not possible to have multiple definitions for a package-ecosystem with the same folder.
Our most important goal is to auto approve & merge if and only if it’s a non-prod dependencies.

Is there a way to accomplish this?