Dependabot/dependency graph - transitive dependencies


I have a question about transitive dependencies. Are those displayed in dependabot or dependency graph? I can only see the first level dependencies analysed but nothing else in a test project i have created – Dependencies · javixeneize/dependatest · GitHub


The dependency graph does not handle these types of dependencies.
Dependencies will need to be explicitly stated in order for them to be captured by the graph.

Thats what i feared. Then, this is not of much use for java applications, isnt it?

We support dependency updates for repositories using Gradle as well, but we’re still working on overall dependency graph support.

We do have an open internal issue requesting such functionality though; I’ve included your feedback there. I can’t make any guarantees on a release or timeframe, but keep an eye on our changelog for updates!

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Ah right, if this is in the backlog and you are planning to fix it I’m happy with that :wink:


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