Dependabot cannot update this dependency (Private Registry)

Using the .dependabot/config.yml file for configuring Dependabot on our projects that use private registries such as works fine, but when using the .github/dependabot.yml file instead, GitHub says:

“Dependabot doesn’t support updating dependency files that use private package registries.”

Do we know if there will be support for this in the future? Is there action I can take now to make it work in the mean time?


Hi @zachwright,
Welcome to the community! We’re working adding private registry support over the coming months. For now, I would recommend you keep using Dependabot Preview. You can migrate back by removing the new config file and adding the repository in


Also waiting for this. Is this any time frame?

Would really like an update… I migrated from dependabot-preview to dependabot but now it won’t update the packages

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