demo website doesn't render

Hi everyone!

     I’m learning github page and would like start from a demo website:  The website looks like this

When you click each tab, it will lead to another page. However, I forxed it and published it as my own project page. I got this:

Four tabs no long exist, and not clickable. It seems the hyperlink with each tab /about/index.html doesn’t work. Also the fonts, layout also look different. does anyone know what went wrong here? Thanks.

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Hi @momtoomax,

Thank you for reaching out and for this fun objective!  Your initial screenshot seems to show that there was some CSS missing in the second version.  However, when I take a look at now, the layout matches the original GitHub Page that you forked the code from. 

Have you resolved the design layout and tab navigation mismatch?  Or have you started this in another repository (if so please share that link with us)?



    Thanks a lot for your reply. I’ve noticed the name of the original repo is a bit special. It was  So I changed my repository name from to Then the broken link was fixed. I actually don’t know why this works. In my mind, repository name can be anything. Can everyone explain this? Thanks a lot!