Deletion of old workflow results

I aggregated a bunch of failed workflow results from misconfigured workflows. Is it planned to have a feature allowing the deletion of old workflow results? This answer mentions it is planned to allow deletion of workflows, but no mention of workflow results.

We will eventually enable deletion. For now any worklfows that have not had any activity in the last 7 days should eventually disappear from the list.


This is good news. Currently I see 87 (!!) pages of workflow results when I visit the Actions tab of my (mono) repo. :smiley:

I believe this answers @systemcluster’s question and you should mark @chrispat’s answer as solution.

To clarify, is this referring to individual workflow runs shown in main list on the right, or workflows in the left list grouping multiple runs? Both are called workflow on the site, so I might be confusing the terminology. I was refrerring to individual runs with my initial question, so that they stop showing up in the “All Workflows” category.

“Having had any activity” would then only mean manually re-triggering the run, corect?

I’m currently seeing 10 day old results without any activity not disappearing. Can you please clarify your answer regarding my previous comment?

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I can see results from as long as 10 month ago when I was first doing research and experiments on GitHub Actions.

Does this answer your question? I’m not sure if I can be of any other assistence, but if so, please let me know.

In that case the initial reply from @chrispat is misleading, as this effectively means they do not disappear after 7 days with no activity, and in that case he likely did not refer to workflow results when mentioning the planned deletion feature either. Which is why I asked for clarification, but due to the lack of a reply I assume this means that deletion of individual workflow results is not planned.

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