Deletion of individual workflow runs

I was wondering if there are any plans to enable users to delete individual workflow runs?

Since the naming of the Actions tab is quite confusing to me - everything seems to be called workflow - by “individual workflow run” I mean a row/entry in belows screenshot:

When setting up new Actions, I usually produce 4-6 failed workflow runs until I set it up correctly. There is no reason to keep those aroud - I should have the option to remove those.

In Azure DevOps Pipelines it’s already possible, I don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t be implemented for GitHub Actions aswell.


I’d like to bump this thread, since there hasn’t been any response or clarification from GitHub’s staff yet.

Will GitHub implement the deletion of individual workflow runs?

Happy holidays to everyone!


Temporary workaround (ish)

If you want to distinguish between development workflow runs that failed and ones that actually failed after you’ve got it working, it is possible to change the state of the workflow run entry from Failed to Cancelled. Simply select the workflow run entry, click re-run checks in the top right hand corner, and then cancel the job once the job setup has started (i.e. once the job steps appear).

Unfortunately this doesn’t help that much as you can’t filter workflows to only include Successful or Failed jobs (or not Cancelled jobs), but it might help distinguish between setup workflows and actual “should pass” workflows.


Is there any update on this. I’m also facing the same issue . Tried cancelling the run, which didnt helped.

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Hi all,

are there any updates on this side? I’d love to be able to cleanup some workflows as well.
I tend to work a lot with squashed commits and havign runs with names that are not meaningful is somehow confusing.

Thanks for the great work :+1:

We really need this feature.


+1 would really like a way to delete old runs from initial development


+1 Not being able to delete failed workflow runs makes my workflow list look ugly.


Not to mention space… 

it took me almost 100 runs to get an email saying I was at 75% or storage usage. Then I have to go to each one of them to delete logs and attachements. 

It would be much more usefull if we could delete the whole run altogheter. 

Thank you


+1 for this, woould reduce lots of noise in the build results.

Any news on this? I’m also interested.

+1, too many failed workflow history makes my project looks shit!

Thanks for resolving this! :slight_smile: