Deleting tickets on Github Support Portal

Due to urgent issues and my hastiness, I have requested personal support to the Github Education team in two different ways.

  • First, I sent an email to the support, education email address, but as I received an automatized reply from bot which mentioned that I should visit the Github Support Portal for further help, I went forward as the guide.

  • So after that, I went to the Support Portal and submitted my inquiries with the same context, twice(accidentally).

But after a few hours later, I received a kind reply to my email(not from the ticket that I’ve posted on the Support Portal) from the team and successfully got helpful solutions to my difficulties.

Now that my problems are solved, I wish to delete the tickets as I worry that these issues and tickets on the Support Portal would distract the Support Team.

I am new to the ticket system and Support Portal, so I’d like to ask for help through this community.

Is there any way I can get my tickets on Support Portal deleted?

P.S. Should I leave these ticket issues on Support Portal opened or closed?

Thank you!

:wave: Welcome!

Thanks for letting us know, and I’m glad this was so quickly remedied for you.

I’ve updated your tickets with this information - I expect when they get to the ticket, they’ll simply close it.