Deleting repositories deletes commits too

I worked in my several repositories. These repositories had at least 9-16 commits. But I do not need these repositories anymore. So I deleted my three or four repositories. And all of my commits are now gone. Can I know if it is some problem or Github works that way?

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I’m not sure if I understand you.
You had remote repositories on GitHub with some branches which consisted of some commits. Then you deleted those repositories. Then of course all branches incl. commits from those remote repositories are gone.
How would you access those branches if there is no related repository for them? You probably misunderstand the principles of git.

Besides that, I can recommend you archiving repositories instead of deleting them, if you don’t need them anymore.

Thak you… yes. now I understood. But I thought the chart that shows my contributions, will still show all of my contributions. But my contributions are not shown.

So, if I understood correctly, you’ve created those repositories only as forks of other repositories, in order to contribute to them? and when you no longer needed them you deleted them, is that right?

I’m not sure how the contribution graphs work, i.e. if they show historical data (regardless of whether it was deleted) or whether they only represent available data. If all you contributions are gone, it seems more like the latter, although if you did create pull requests that were merged into other repositories these should still be there (and your commits too, unless they were squashed during merge).

I deleted my repositories. I contributed to these repositories as much as I can. Now I deleted these repositories and my contribution graph is blank. This graph is now showing that I did not contribute last two months.

Then it looks like the graphs only represent contents which are available at the moment they were generated, and discard any deleted stuff. Probably this is so by design, by you could always ask GH to change this, so that at least deleted contributions are still shown (maybe greyed out, to indicate their contents are no longer available).

I’m just surprised as you are about this, since I would also expect the graphs to mirror my actual work done. Probably any activities contributed to third party repositories that were deleted will not show up either. In this respect, the graphs don’t mirror the reality of activities — being a representation of past work, it shouldn’t matter if the contributed items are gone, especially when they display very old data.

Where should I say this?

This Community could be a good place for this, you might just want to create a new post as a feature request, in the right category (not sure which that would be), and link to this discussion in the request. Then someone from the staff will forward your request to whoever handles the technical aspects of this type of things, and keep you updated on whether it’s possible, will be done, or otherwise.

In theory, even this thread could suffice, provided it catches the attention of GH staff; but creating a dedicate feature request post might be neater and more visible.

I’d say this thread is about as much as could be done on the forum, a second thread wouldn’t have much to discuss. There is a separate feedback form here: Share feedback - GitHub Support


This behavior is expected. If the repositories are deleted, the contributions will go with them.

You can restore those repositories if they were deleted within the last 90 days.

Is there a particular reason you wanted to delete the repos?
You can change the visibility to private if you want to keep them from public view, and also keep the contributions in your graph.

If you contributed to a fork and those commits were merged into the original repository, you can delete your fork and the contributions will remain.