Deleting a disabled repo

I forked a repo that was later disabled due to DMCA or simlar reasons.

I want to remove this repo from my account because it is preventing me from authenticating a hosting service.

Is there a way to delete the disabled fork from my account?

You can get rid of a fork by deleting it like a normal repository.

Thanks for replying! Unfortunately, because this forked repo has been disabled, it doesn’t display the three dots which allow me to go to settings > danger zone > delete this repo.

The repo also doesn’t show up on my list of repos in my account. I was only made aware of it by my web host, who won’t let me authenticate with them until I delete this repo.

Is there another way to do it?

Im sure there are other ways of doing it but I do not know how to. Somebody else would know thought.

Hi @sdarji welcome to the community.
If due to the nature of this fork and it being disabled you are unable to delete yourself I would suggest you could raise a GitHub support ticket requesting they completed the delete repository action on your behalf.

You could also try deleting through the API to see if that still worked even if not an available option in GUI for this particular repository,

Good luck

Thanks, @byrneh! I was able to open a support ticket and the admins responded and deleted it pretty quickly! I think that was the only way to do it. Thanks for your help!

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You should contact GitHub Support community as they will help you out.