Deleted my project folder while using github and vscode

I tried uploading my project to github with vscode, and while trying to upload it I did something and now almost the entire folder beside node modules is gone. It took me 10 hours or even more and now the entire folder is gone, i already checked and it’s not even in the recycle bin.
I tried contacting github directly but I haven’t got a answer for more than two days so I decided to ask their community :smiley:
I am fairly new to github and vscode so I might not know all the terms.

It’s really hard to provide support and guidance on “did something”.

At this point the only advice we can really give is “pay more attention next time” and “don’t decide to learn how to do something for the first time by putting in 10 hours of work without a backup”.

Make a hello world type project to learn with. Then go back to your ten hours once you know what you’re doing.

If you can provide further details please do and people will try to help.

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Yeah, I know this wasn’t a good explanation I just don’t know what I was doing.
Is there a log for all the commands that ran on a specific repository?

The reflog might have the details you/we need:

However, it won’t have details of OS or IDE actions. Worth a try though.