Delete old workflow results

One of my repos is showing results labelled with weird names from worklows from when I was learning to configure actions. Is there some way to delete these workflow runs?


Is this in the Actions tab?

We’re working on changes to this page so that old workflows will no longer show up in the view. Expect to see changes in the next 2-3 weeks.


Update. This was shipped. You’ll no longer see old workflow names on Actions tab.

Sadly I still have workflows, even after removing the entire .workflow directory.


Are there any plans for enabling users to delete past workflow runs?

I frequently have 4-6 failed workflow runs in my repositories, while experimenting with and setting up new Actions. I would like to have the option to remove those.

EDIT: I made a separate post about the matter.


I think the real requested feature is to remove old workflow runs. I’d like this to happen when the branch that triggered them is deleted. No need to show workflow results for long dead branches.


@mscoutermarsh I am still seeing deleted workflows in our /actions section for our repo, can you confirm if this was really fixed ? I am seeing different responses in other threads, some more recent than this one that suggest otherwise.

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This is still a problem as of June 2020… I have a number of old workflows in “Actions” tab, that do not include artifacts and refer to non-existing commits (as temporary branches where those workflows were developed do not exist any more).


Any news on when this will apply to paid Organizations?

We have a large amount of expired workflows hanging around that are cluttering up the UI and causing confusion about what is/isn’t active.

If there is some kind of engineering constraint on removing them, could Product at least consider adding some visual indicator on last activity in the aside navigator? That would quickly help us navigate between active and retired workflows


I need exclude my workflow

This is still an issue. Would be great if we could remove old workflow results.

Yeah I still have this issue… Need to be able to remove old unused workflow result…

Same happens for us. Would be nice to have possibility to remove non active workflows

Same, would be grand if we could remove them =|

Any update on whether this feature will be added?

I would also like to be able to remove old workflows. Any update on this?

They just added the ability to delete old workflow runs. See

However, it’s not clear to me whether the old Workflows themselves will stop appearing. My hope is that they’ll eventually disappear once the Workflow runs have been deleted.

We still have workflows from GtiHub Actions beta stage that have no remove action

This is still an issue, and makes the Actions tab quite cluttered. Paid organisation FWIW.

I can remove the old workflows but I have issues with the failed workflows (these that didn’t even start due to mistakes in the python-app.yml file), they can’t be deleted and if I try the website just forwards me to this page:

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