Delete Local Repo


I’d like to delete a local repo that doesn’t appear to have had any files added to staging or committed.

There are, however, directories within the one containing the repo I’d like to delete which DO have repos within them which I’ve committed to Github and would like to keep.

I did this hoping to organize one master repo for an educational course with different directories (topics) within, but I couldn’t get it to work so I’d like to delete the repo in this main (local) directory.

I have done research and conclude the following:

  • as long as a local repo I want to delete hasn’t been committed and pushed, it won’t affect any remote repos.
  • this ‘main directory’ local repo which doesn’t appear to any files staged/committed will not affect any other repos nested within additional directories if deleted.

Please LMK if I have this correct or if there are any negative repercussions to deletion that I should be aware of.

I will do the Learning Lab ASAP as this I’m sure would help me.

Thank you very kindly for your time. I’m still learning.

My apologies if this is technically not a question. I’ve simply tried to find the answer on my own and wish for confirmation.