Delayed Branch Deployment?

So my team and I is trying to configure Github Actions how we are set up in Azure DevOps. We have three environments: Dev, Stage and Prod. Deploying to our Prod environment requires approval. The Deploy to Prod job is configured to only run after a successful Deploy to Stage job.

The issue we have is that all successful deployments to Stage are followed by an attempt to deploy to Prod. In other words, every successful deployment to Stage generates approval request emails. This isn’t the desired behavior because we only want to deploy to Prod manually, and during a certain window.

In other words, changes to Stage should be accumulated until we are happy with the set of changes, and only at that point should the cumulative set of changes be deployed to Prod. ADO makes this easy. How can we achieve this with GitHub Actions?

The closest option that comes to mind is to manually start the deployment workflow using workflow_dispatch once you are happy with the changes. There is no accumulation of workflow run approvals as far as I know.