Delay in getting latest content from

I’m trying to retrieve the file content from, but it does not return the latest content. It takes some minutes once the commit is made to get the updated content. Is it expected behaviour?

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The page may be cached. To delete this cache, press Ctrl + Shift + R or Command + Shift + R.

Basically, I’m fetching the content from the server-side using REST call.

Hi @avadhut123pisal, welcome to the community

I repeated your test and noted the following:
If there has been no recent request you will get the latest content
If a recent request has been performed you may get cached content for a short time

If you dig into the HTTP response headers returned they indicate some caching is happening.
(the -v option on curl gives you the header detail)
cache-control: max-age=300
x-served-by: cache-lhr7350-LHR
x-cache: HIT
x-cache-hits: 1

When you get x-cache: MISS, x-cache-hits: 0 returned you have got the latest content, subsequent requests will be returned from cache again as before.

I did try adding a request header with ‘Cache-Control: no-cache’ but this made no difference.