Delay action on initial commit


I am building a service that trigger the creation of github repositories based on a given template repository.

On this template repository, I have an action that build the content of the project and copy the content of the build on a server. To do so, I use an actions/scp with several secrets for configuration REMOTE_DIR, REMOTE_HOST and REMOTE_USER.

When I create a new repository thanks to github API (from the template), my SCP action is triggered because of the inital commit on dev/latest, this is ok. After the creation of the project I push all encrypted secrets thank to github API - but in the meantime - my action has already started and the secrets of my project are not all defined, that leads to an error while the action try to SCP (because of the missing configuration).

Any idea on how I could solve this ? The only way I have found at the moment is to cancel the running action & restart it with the github api & action_id. It works, but it takes times and I am pretty sure a more elegant solution exists…