Define the next issue number OR customize issue number offset

Hi Community;

I’ve searched around and didn’t find anything conclusive. I would like to be able to set the next issue number of one repository to let’s say “20 000”.
How can one do that?

(PS.: If I could avoid programmatically creating/closing “20 000” issue and not pollute the repo history that’d be great!)

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bump. anyone could help me out on this?

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We have 2 repositories rep1 and rep2 …
Unfortunately, people are using rep2 for all the issues while the code lives in rep1.
I know I could mass-move issues from rep2 to rep1 and a “redirect” would be automatically added by github and that would be one way to achieve a certain “continuity”;
but a more favourable outcome would be to have no new issues in rep2 and start the new ones in rep1 with the first new issue having a id from the last one in rep2 + 1.

Now, have anyone been in the same situation or done that before?


Support told me : this is definitely not possible. (chose the issue next ID or change ID)