Default Profile Pictures

I’m having an issue with GitHub (and other similar software such as Slack) in which the default profile picture for my account is not one of GitHub’s default pictures, but instead is an obscure profile picture I uploaded to some other platform a very long time ago. It is impossible to remove this photo without setting my own custom profile picture. Can anyone answer where GitHub is getting this profile picture from, and how to fix this?

The one that shows up now looks like it’s from github but if you had some other one before it could be from Gravatar. I think you’d be able to tell if you looked at the url if the image. Best place to remove it is on the Gravatar website

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That’s bizarre, if I’m logged in I see this (, but if I go into private browsing (effectively logging out), I see the default github picture like you said. I went to Gravatar and deleted my account there, as well as at Wordpress, but it still appears for me like this on Github and Slack.