Default Organisation-wide Github actions?

I wonder is Default Organisation-wide Github actions an existing feature?

I’m not sure if my use case is that unique but I would like majority of repos in an organisation I’m part of to have the same Github actions workflow.
At first, I thought I thought it’s enabled by having the workflow in a .github repo (just as we do for ISSUE_TEMPLATE(s) and PULL_REQUEST(s)). Not working. Nothing is forthcoming from my search here or around the web.

  • Current workflows templating functionality is limited to suggesting workflow templates based on the repository content and copy-pasting the workflow file (no substitutions or any advanced templating functionality)
  • Organization workflow templates currently can’t be used in private repos:

Here is the relevant roadmap item:

And here is the list of relevant topics on this forum:


Thank you laughedelic for the prompt and very detailed reply.

I think workflows templating will suffice for now.

Once again, thank you very much.


i also have this thoughts and the Worklfows templating not helps much as its just helps in not copy-paster for the first time, but assuming you will want to update any of the workflows you will need to update them on all repos so the copy-paste trick continues:\