Default email suffix

I’ve been trying to push a commit to my repo. I’ve set my email and username, but it keeps asking them when pushing from command line. It asks first for the username, and then asks for the password for an email that he builds with the username and the default github suffix ( But i don’t owe an email like that. I’ve also tried to add the email “” as one of my emails in github settings, but i need to confirm this email and i don’t have a clue where to find the inbox.

I’ve edited the git config too.

Any help?

That sounds like you’re mixing up the Git user info (which is used to record the author in commits) and your GitHub login (which you need to be allowed to push). The former is what you set using git config commands. The latter you have to give on every Git operation that requires authentication, unless they’re cached on your system. Pushing always requires authentication, fetching only for private repositories.

Note that your login password won’t work for Git operations, you have to create a personal access token and use it instead when Git asks for your password.