Default community health files not present in new repositories

I created a default and files for our organization. I followed these instructions on setting up the defaults . I created a repo under my organization. Next, I created separate and files in /.github. Finally, I created two new repositories with a and LICENSE through normal GitHub procedures.

I expected to see the default files populate in the new repositories, but I don’t. Anything that I did wrong or any suggestions? Thanks!


Hi @jefurbee,

Thank you for being here! As long as your files are located in the root repo it should work. If you haven’t already, please contact us at with the info so we can look into that further.

Thanks for reaching out Andrea. I submitted a request from the link you listed.

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@jefurbee Was there a conclusion here?

It looks like currently the default files are not shown in each repo, but they are still triggered for example issue templates when creating a new issue, or in the community profile checklist for a repo (example: Community · GitHub).

I was sure at some point the files were shown but greyed out, showing they were “there” but not part of the repo.

@andreagriffiths11 Is the current state the expected behaviour? Am I remembering correctly or having false memories here?

Hi @relequestual ,
Here is the response I received for the issue I opened:
Thanks for writing in! We’re really sorry it’s taken so long to respond to you. Apologies for the delays. You won’t see those files populated in a new repository, but as long as the repository doesn’t have its own version of that file, when someone opens an issue in that repository, they will see a link to the / file at the bottom where it says “Remember, contributions to this repository should follow its contributing guidelines.”

They will see a link to / on the right under “Helpful resources.”

Default files are not included in clones, packages, or downloads of individual repositories because they are stored only in the .github repository.

Hope this helps,

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