Default community files ignores issue templates

Hi GitHub Community!

I’m trying to set up some default community files for my own account (bycedric). I’ve managed to get most of the things working already, like the pull request template and funding file. But, unfortunately, I haven’t found a way to get the issue templates working.

I’m not sure if I set up my .github repo properly, but I think I did. Based on this topic and the documentation, I’d figure you have to put the issue templates in this directory . github/ISSUE_TEMPLATES/<template>. But this doesn’t seems to do anything. The weird part about it is that the .github/ works perfectly. I’ve tested this within these repos:

Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

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Same problem.

I’ve created .github repo with issue template lying in .github/.github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE/ folder (so it’s .github folder in .github repo, as stated in the docs).

.github repo is public, and when I try to create an issue in another repo on my account, it doesn’t work. It works perfectly normal in .github repo though.

The same approach for PR template works just fine (I have in the root of .github repo).

@that-pat do you know how to solve it?

I just want to add that I am also experiencing this issue.

Also seeing this, looks like a bug or improperly documented feature :frowning:

Thank you all for reaching out on this! We have had a few reports of this come in recently and our engineers are working on a fix. We apologize for any inconvenience in the interim.

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Thank you @nyahbhinghiprincess ! :raised_hands:

Will you reply back to this thread once the fix has been released?

Hi @jessesquires, I am keeping an eye out for updates or additional information; and I will follow up here on this thread.


I’m having exactly the same issue, all works fine except of the issue template.

My templates are here but not visible here

And I know they are correct because in  repo when I create issue, those templates are applied.

Waiting for a fix…

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Hi @nyahbhinghiprincess! :smile: Are there any updates on this issue?

Hi @jessesquires!

This is still a priority for our team and I have been keeping an eye out for the fix.  However I do not have any updates on the timeline for the upcoming change.

@nyahbhinghiprincess hi! a couple of months have passed, do you have an update on this issue? Any news would be greatly appreciated, thank you very much :slight_smile:

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@shrink Thanks so much for your eyes on this! We apologize for the delay; I see that our team has made some recent changes related to this issue. You should be able to see different behavior on those issue templates now.

I’m having the same problem (a year?) later
seems to have no effect on Interlisp/medley issues
New Issue · Interlisp/medley (