Debugging service container startup failure

I’m trying to debug why a service container is not starting up.

Is there a way I run a command on service container failure?

I’m thinking I could then mount the log directory of the container to a directory on the host, and then have a stage that uploads those logs as an artifact so that I can investigate the issue.

Other ideas for how to get this container to start would be fine too.

The workflow is here

The relevant lines of the job failure can be seen here

Hi @vamega,

Thank you for being here! Looking at your workflow, looks like might be an error due to an incident. Are you able to re run this now?

Hi Andrea.

I just tried restarting the workflow, but ran into the same issue I had earlier, so I don’t think it was an ephemeral infrastrucutre failure that caused it.

The output I can see is here:

For build configuration (2.7, turbodbc) I can see that the container was unable to start.

I’m looking for a way to try and understand why the container isn’t starting.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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