Data Visualization in Unity

Hello everybody, I am a student of audiovisual arts and there is a project that I will be developing for the next year and a half. It consists of a Collective Unconscious Museum, so basically, people relate emotions with images and then the museum organizes the images through the halls of the museum.

The point of this project is to allow me on using the data to visualize it in many different ways but since Unity supports C# and Java but not python directly and python is the best language (as far as I know) to handle data visualization I really don’t know if it would be better to use python interpreter plugin for unity to code the part related to data analysis and visualization and coding the rest on C# or if coding it all in C# is also a good enough option.

Maybe both options are bad and you might have a third one, I would welcome it a lot since I am half new to Unity (and coding for that matter) so I don’t know its full potential and capabilities.