Data Recall From Local Database for Website

I am working on creating a website that will recall data from a spreadsheet (looking at using Google Spreadsheets, Excel, or SQLite) in a similar form as to the stock exchange except I would like the “stock” and “prices” to be pulled from the spreadsheet which can be live updated.

I have asked on Reddit, searched through the google help guides, Stack Overflow, but couldn’t find the right resource. I was told that running it through GitHub would be an option. Any help would be appreciated.

For a reference of what I would like to do, I would like to make a site similar to this one: [


Only hopefully much cleaner and only with the chart + filtering allowed. Then the person using the site would be able to select the “company” to see that “company’s” “stock” and “history” that is all managed via a database that I manage.

I can do all of this in Excel but I would like to make a secure sharing platform online.

Thank you for your time and help. If there is an order in which to learn these things or do these things, please let me know.

Have a great day.

Well, web applications mostly can’t do anything with the Excel/spreadsheet file format. They can, however, handle JSON very well. In case you’re not familiar with it: it’s a standardized format of sharing data between applications and commonly used on the web. Since I saw you mentioning Google Spreadsheets, you might want to read this: , and if you successfully obtained the data in JSON format any web application should be able to handle it.