Data Manipluation with TXT File Python- Carpark

All right the goal of this program is to show the user the current parking lot, provide statistics and then be able to reserve a spot.

I finally got the text file open! Yay! But I think I am on the wrong track because of the other steps I have to accomplish? This question maybe a little vague but if someone would point me in the right direction that would be super! Thank you so much for your help! :slight_smile:

 The function of this program is to show the user current layout of a car park, provide statistics and reserve a spot

file_name = 'carpark.txt'

def display():
    f = open("carpark.txt", "r")
    if f.mode != "r":
        contents =

if __name__ == "__main__":

# program to open carpark.txt file and display current file

# def statistics(carpark_dataset):

# def reserve(carpark_dataset):

# def assign_slot(carpark_dataset, row, column):