Dashboard Improvements Suggestions

I wanted to bring up some suggestions to improve various features of the WebUI for the Dashboard. Hopefully this thread could also be used by others to add their own suggestions, turning this into a multi-proposals thread.

Discussion: Code BG Lost in Replies

Within Discussion, depending on the category settings, comments/replies can be shown as a nested structure, which is really nice since it allows to visually track what’s being replied to.

But with other category settings replies to root-level posts use a different background colour (darker in the light theme) instead of nesting, in order to distinguish main posts from comments.

Regardless of the settings which trigger one or the other (of which I’m not totally sure right now), the problem is that the darker-background method only darkens the comment box background, without further darking the background of inline or block code elements, which ultimately results in the latter having the same colour of the former, which makes it hard to spot code blocks or inline code:


(I haven’t checked this with the darker theme)

I suggest to make the background of code elements either darker or lighter by tweaking the CSS, which would make these replies much more readable and easier to visually sift through. Code elements being the norm rather than the exception here on GitHub, I think this is a fairly important visual aspect to keep in mind.

Pinned Issues: Allow Up to Six!

I really love pinned Issues and was thrilled when the feature was added. I find them so useful, especially in large projects that are sporadically attended, where having Issues of higher priority slapped in your face when you land on the Issues main page is a real blessing for the memory-weak, and a time saver when the only alternative is having to dig through hundreds of Issues.

The limitation of being able to pin a maximum of three Issues seems a bit tight to me, especially since the main user page allows to pin up to six favourite repositories (and still looks neat).

I believe that users should be able to pin at least six Issues, if not more. If the concern is that they might end up eating up most the UI, then their size could be reduced, e.g. by showing only their title in the card, and all the other extra info (initial text, status and author, etc.) only be shown when hovering, i.e. by expanding the card.

Whatever the possible solution, I definitely would love to be able to pin more, with six being the minimum demand, and nine being a huge satisfaction.