Dashboard Development


I want to thank you first for your time and help. I have an inspection and construction drone business and I am really interested in offering the results of my services in a dashboard, so my clients can easily understand it. For this reason, I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips about how it is possible to develop a dashboard or if there are any kind of dashboards which are already made and it is possible to costum it.

Thank you very much again!

A dashboard is just a term. It’s basically just a website with an authentication (login / register) which will display some data (stored in a database).

So this is nothing special.

If you decide to use the JAMstack, then you would build a frontend (a SPA for example) with one of the well-known JS frameworks / libraries: Angular, React, Vue, Svelte etc.

And then you have to create an web API for your frontend which will deliver the needed data for your dashboard.
Here you can basically use almost every programming languages. That’s depending on your concrete skills and / or use cases. For example you can use Node.js (with Fastify / NestJS etc.) or use Go.

Googling “dashboard framework” or “dashboard tools” will give you a lot of ideas. Some are commercial but there are open source alternatives. A recent post lists some.