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Hello. This topic is mostly directed at GitHub staff.

There is a longstanding problem with github. Users, contributors, maintainers play the crucial part in making GitHub what it is - a home for constantly growing community around open-source. We spend here considerable amount of time reading and writing code and documentation, communicating with each other, communicating with GitHub staff, sometimes at night (just like myself currently).

And all this time we have to look at exhaustingly white screens. You might be aware of this 5-year old issue. Many people are concerned. This problem is not about just some small comforts, it’s about productivity, it’s about accessibility, it’s about health. There was a similar topic here but it was about GitHub Desktop application. And it looks like GitHub Desktop introduced support for the dark theme earlier this year.

Would you please eleborate on the status and your stance on this issue? People have to harm their sight or use third-party hacks and extensions after all. And many other popular services have heard the users and introduced a dark mode.

Thank you


I requested the same thing for the community forum directly to github staf a few months ago. This is the answer:


We definitely see that request a lot on the GitHub.com side. We are in the midst of planning our next design iteration for the Community Forum and I think we should keep this in mind.

We know this is how a lot of developers work best. It would be super cool to have a toggle to a dark theme. I’m not sure where it fits in our current roadmap for design, however, as we continue to define our roadmap, we can keep this in mind.


Waiting for a change I’m using this add-ons darkreader and it works perfectly everywere, hope this can help even you.



Thank you, @wabri! That is good to know.

And Dark Reader is pretty amazing, thanks for mentioning it! It will surely help here and everywhere else while we wait for desings that natively address this issue.


Hi @st-sloth,

Thank you very much for being here! I appreciate your feedback and will certainly add it to our internal issue, this is a request that we should review and consider. From my own personal experiences, I can share (Thank you @wabri for mentioning it!) dark reader has been great for my eye fatigue in all sites not just technical ones.

Hopefully, we’ll have some more news to share after our redesign plans are solidified but your feedback is definitely in the right place.


This isn’t a solution, it’s just a promise to look at things at some point in the future. Empty words have been spoken before, and excuse us if we’re all a little bit cynical.

You are one of the biggest sites on the internet, lack of a dark mode is not really acceptable. This is a critical flaw with the website and must be viewed in that light (no pun intended).


This was open in github from 2013, and here from 2018 as I saw, what are you waiting, why you are not able to change a background color ???


With the new prefers-color-scheme CSS media query rapidly gaining support, all this requires is a simple stylesheet update. Not even a UI change!


I have always preferred dark themes.

Even in 2012, I used browser add-ons and userscripts to make dark theme.

Why is dark theme becoming important just now and not in 2012 already?


Does anyone have  a “simple stylesheet” to share (appropriately licensed, of course) that GitHub could use directly as a drop-in?

The github.com root favicon makes browser tabs unusable when running my browser in Dark mode. For example, in Chrome any tab on which github is open is completely black. Seems like a small problem, but it causes usability/productivity issues when trying to switch between tabs. 



I wanted to weigh in on this.

  • The Atom desktop client defaults to a dark theme.
  • All major coding platforms have dark themes.
  • Github Desktop has a dark theme.
  • The Github web site has no option for a dark theme.

This is essentially an issue for those of us who have day jobs and have to code while the kids are asleep without lights on in the room. Switching from ensuring the kids are breathing in their sleep to a bright white web site that I actually love is painful–quite literally, my eyes feel the strain of having to switch.

The same goes for the other apps and platforms I use, when switching to the web site (because the desktop client doesn’t have all of the same functionality).

At least the option would be preferable.

I look forward to a day where I don’t have to be in pain in order to get things done.


What a political answer from @andreagriffiths11. I’m really looking forward to seeing some progress on that end soon.


Yayyy. Thanks for Dark Reader. I tried others and they were less than stellar.


Hi @andreagriffiths11 ,

Any news on this topic?


I found a chrome plugin which did the work for me.


Well, it’s now end of 2019 about an year after this feedback was posted.
What happened to the dark theme?


The almighty and all-knowing tech companies, in their infinite brilliance, still see dark themes as a frivilous design feature rather than an important accessibility issue. I think it boils down to 1) uncompromising designers who think they know what’s best for us, and 2) product stakeholders not realizing that staring at dark on light color schemes is physically painful for some, or that people don’t work in low-light conditions, etc.


Thanks a ton for the dark reader suggestion! Can’t wait for GitHub to natively have a dark theme mode.


Didn’t Microsoft acquire Github last year? Shouldn’t you guys by now already have added a dark theme feature? Aren’t you ashamed? Do you lack resources? Why is it taking so long, while everyone else already has this basic feature anno 2019?


Adding my vote for this long-overdue request. GitHub literally stands out and not in a good way. Microsoft: please deliver on this now-essential feature.