Dark mode theme with less contrast

Dark mode is great, but in my opinion it’s too dark. I mean it’s hard to read information from very dark screen. All popular IDEs and code editors use slightly “brighter” dark modes. Maybe the reason is in different shades of grey color they use(imho they use more “warmer” shades, but I’m not an expert in that), but for me it seems easier to read info from them(e.g. VS code and Intelij IDEA dark mode). For example windows 10 has the same problem with dark mode(it’s too dark).
So my suggestion is to make it either “warmer” in shade of grey or give an option for users to choose the “darkness” of Dark mode


Hello guys, I think the contrast is very high, in my case I solve it by applying these two styles, the first to lower the contrast and the second to eliminate the outline that generate contrast

html {
    filter: invert(.08);

* {
    outline: none !important;

as you can see, it becomes easier to read

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Yeah, and it’s not too bright either! Hopefully github will implement that or even allow custom styles liek That. :slight_smile:

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IMO, the dark theme of the material design plugin in VSCode is the perfect middle ground. The colors are on the gray side and they aren’t blue-ish. That blue tint hurts the eyes even more than using the white theme (even when using blue light filters etc).
Ref: Material Theme - Visual Studio Marketplace

Making the theme customizable as well would also be awesome.