Dark mode, thanks a lot

Dark mode should always be implemented first. I wonder why it’s not. It’s easy to read - inside, outside, day and night. Thank you sooo much.


Big thanks and love from me too <3 i have eye problems too and hate white sides… i use dark mode plugins on google, because the display is to bright for me. And the github community page here should be get a dark mode to <3

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Github Support Community has dark mode. See Preferences > Theme > Dark

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I just discovered this, what a wonderful holiday present!!!
Thank you so much GitHub team!!!

Finally no more head-aches from a bright github for me.
Due to security concerns on my work PC’s I have always been hesitant to install dark mode browser plugins. Now my eyeballs won’t be burned out anymore. This is super valuable for my well being… Thank you!!!

I love dark mode, thank you GitHub!!!

Glad you all are enjoying dark mode so far! We were really excited to finally be able to share it with the community. As you spend more time with dark mode, don’t hesitate to share your feedback either in one of the existing topics here or in a new one - we’d love to hear it!