Dark Mode OLED version

Would love to see a darkmode OLED version, so it’s pitch black. People with OLED screens will save battery/power, because black pixels will be turned off.


Thanks for sharing this feedback @Mano-East! We made small tweaks to the mobile breaking points to make the backgrounds pitch black on mobile devices but will share this feedback with the team for bringing the pure dark theme to larger screens as well

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First of all I appreciate the dark mode. Finally the tool that I love has dark mode.
It would also be nice to have a pitch black theme for PC & mobile both as well.



Now that there are two dark modes (dimmed), I think the darkest dark should just be black by default. I’m overriding this with my userContent.css file in Firefox, but that doesn’t scale the best. I believe if you want a lighter dark, use dimmed. Furthermore, the saturation level of the bluish tint to the black is too strong and it looks really bad on my laptop’s OLED panel.

The new hight contrat is a step in the right direction … the lines are to white now … to extreme … contrast is OK but now it is too much.